Case studies

Improving businesses through smart implementation of custom software

Heat Pumps

Reducing CO2 emissions in industrial processes

Currently working to reduce CO2 emissions for manufacturing companies by making software that evaluates efficiency of industrial heat pumps in industrial processes.

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Student at home

Connecting students to people in need of computer support

Student at Home is an international franchise business that provides expert computer support from students. Customers can get in touch online or by phone, and the company sends over a student who has the appropriate skills and knowledge to help them.

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Episcopal Church

Bringing legislation into the 21st century

We built a software tool to support the process of prefiling, processing, and finalizing resolutions before and during the tri-annual convention, according to the Church’s strict rules and procedures.

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Optimizing healthcare at home

We built an application to help professional planners develop optimal healthcare plans, managing all scheduling, costs, and contracts on behalf of the patient.

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