Working for E-accent

We are a remote team, working from the comfort of our own homes. The atmosphere is friendly, nurturing and supportive, and we work as a team, with no room for big egos.

Long-term health and life balance are important to us. We work eight hours a day, five days a week unless there’s a genuine emergency.

We appreciate those good ideas can come from anywhere, and we encourage everyone to give and receive feedback in a constructive way.

Regular communication is essential to working in a team environment. You'll find us chatting in Slack, managing projects in Trello and holding standup meetings in Skype.

We understand that starting a new job can be overwhelming. A sponsor guides new team members for the first three months to help them learn the ropes.

Finding the right people is important to us, so we invest time in getting to know them before hiring. We ask job applicants to work with us on a short, paid project to see how we fit. We find this is a great way for both sides to come together.

If this sounds like a place you'd like to work, email us at